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Dear Dr. Decker:

Thank you for getting me back on the path to good dental health.

I heard your radio addvertisement about sedation dentistry, and I responed for two reasons: First, I had not seen a dentist n about a decade! So the thought of being able to take care of ten yers of neglect in a few visits was tantalizing. Second, I had not seen a dentist in about a decade! I knew that was awful, and I did not need anyone to tell me that. Your add indicated that no one in your office would be judgemental.

As it turned out, everything you promised was true! for me, sedation dentistry was perfect. In just two visits, you completed a great deal of dental work - painlessly. I rested for a few hours after each procedure, and I went to work the next day feeling fine. After having avoided the dentist for so long, I had slowly built up fears about getting much needed dental work done. The sedation dentistry put me at ease and made me glad to be repairing the dental problems that I was experiencing.

I was also pleased with the care and attention of your office staff.The dental assistans and front office people all treated me with respect and courtesy. I felt that they wanted to help me as much as I needed their assistance. No one was judgemental about my ten-year "lapse" in dental care.

Because of all the work that you did I am now taking much better care of my teeth and I won't fear going back to you for check ups or if I need any additonal work done in the future.

Thank you for your professionalism and outstanding treatment.

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Decker. After being to a total sadistic butcher of a dentist at Cottonwood Dental in RSD, I found Dr. Decker who is the most gentel man and dentist ever! Uber friendly staff too! Lovely people! He evn does sleep dentistry. NO PAIN AT ALL! NO ANXIETY! And this is on a root canal! I actually look forward to going to the dentist now! As long as he is around I will continue to see him as long as I have teeth!


CONS: what cons? NONE!

I am a patient of Dr. McClanahan's and I have nothing but good to say about him and his staff. After years of not going to the dentist because of fear, I went to see him, and I had NO PAIN. he is the most gentel dentist I have ever met. He is so patient and settles any fears you may have. I have recomended him to many people and they love him too. I told Dr. McClanahan he is never aloud to retire, or I will have to show up at his house just to see the dentist. I will not go anywhere else. He even gives you his cell phone number

I have been going to Dr. Decker for 14 years. His staff is very friendly and profesional. his hygenistis a dream very carefull and pain free. Recently Dr. Decker filled an area on the surface of my tooth that requiered a little work below the gumline. Not only did I not feel any pain during the prcedure, the next day my gums weren't even sore. The tooth shows no signs of anything being done, the color match is perfect, you would never know anything was done and it looks great. I drive two and a half hours to see Dr. Decker now that I don't live in San Diego anymore. That's how much I like him and his staff. I moved away 8 years ago. i wouldn't even think about finding a new denist as long as I can make the trip to see Dr. Decker.

I have been a patient of Dr. McClanahan since 2003 and would recommend him for all of your dentistry needs. He, Bobbie his hygenist, and all of his staff are very friendly, courteous and professional. I would recommend his sedation dentistry for anybody likemyself who have a strong gag reflex and need something more than nitrous oxide. The waiting room is always clean and tidy, appointments are never a problem and there is apmle parking on site near by.

I baisically hadn't been to the dentist in 5 years. My whole life I have had bad teeth, I guess it runs in my family. I brush and floss daily, my dentist growing up always told me I have really weak enamel. So once I left for college and was off my parents insurance I just never went back to the dentist. I was so scared and embarassed, let alone broke, nothing would have gotten me to the dentist. I avoided it at all cost. Finally it was to late I could no longer chew with my back teeth I was having to use the front. I found Dr. decker from an ad in the phone book not only did the name get me "Sedation Dentistry" it also said they could repair years of dental negelct and not to be embarassed. I thought I would give it a shot.

The first day was just x-rays but I was so nervous that I was crying in the waiting room. As soon as I got to meet with Dr. Decker and the rest of his staff they immediatly made me feel comfortable. They told me my teeth weren't that bad and they would be no problem to fix (although I think they were just being nice).

Since I did not have insurance it was going to cost me an arm and a leg...fortunately Dr. Decker worked with me personally to figure out just exactally what I could afford. The day of the dental work was going to take all day from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. I was up with nightmares the previous week just thinking about being in the dentist office for 8 hours. But to my suprise the day went by fast. I don't remember anything to the exact. I remember being awake but not any work or feeling in my mouth almost as if I were in a dream.

I would have to say it was the best experience I've had at the dentist. I recommend it to anyone who is the slightest bit scared of the dentist. Thanks to Dr. Decker I will never neglect my teeth again.

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Doctors Decker and McClanahan
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