Comprehensive Family Dentistry in San Diego

At the practice of Terry McClanahan DDS, we are passionate about promoting healthy smiles for families in North Park, Mission Valley, and the surrounding areas in San Diego. Our family dental care team has the experience and skill to provide a wide range of services geared toward protecting your loved one's dental health. Whether we're caring for your young child or a senior family member, our focus is always on providing personalized services.

Our staff deeply values the opportunity to form lasting relationships with families in our community, and we look forward to helping you and yours on the journey to beautiful, healthy smiles. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover the difference our San Diego family dentistry can make in your oral health!


Emphasizing Comfort & Confidence

Patients of all ages can experience anxiety when they think about visiting the dentist. That's why our welcoming and friendly staff makes it their mission to support you throughout every stage of your family's dental care. From children's earliest dental visits to adult patients who haven't been to the dentist in a long time, our well-trained team does everything we can to make appointments feel relaxed and manageable.

When you come through our doors, you'll find a welcoming reception area where your family can settle before your treatments. Once you're in one of our dental chairs, you can rest assured you'll be cared for by practitioners who never rush your appointments and value creating positive dental experiences. For patients still experiencing lingering anxieties or fears, our dentist is happy to discuss how nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation can make appointments feel more manageable.

Skilled Family Dental Care for Children & Teens

Early visits are crucial for creating a positive foundation for your child's oral health. Our team is passionate advocates for the power of preventive care, and this is especially true for young smiles. We tailor everything we do to promote their current oral health while building strong foundations for future oral health. Our family dental care services for kids regularly include regular cleanings, preventive care, and monitoring for orthodontic adjustments.

Our Extensive Dental Solutions for Adults and Seniors

Your dental needs change as you age, and our options for family dentistry evolve to match your care requirements. Because we see patients with diverse needs daily, we are ready to address the unique challenges you may face throughout your dental journey. Thorough examinations and checkups also form the backbone of our approach to adult and senior care, and we use these visits to build a personal treatment plan that is tailored to your specific oral health concerns.

Some of the services we provide for adults and seniors include:

  • Deep cleanings and gum disease treatments
  • Tooth-colored restorations and dental implants
  • Cosmetic services, including veneers
  • Custom nightguards for TMJ disorder and bruxism
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Root canal treatments

Why Should I Choose Your Practice for Family Dental Care?

Having your whole family seen by the same dentist offers a wide range of benefits. We know you live a busy life, and it can be difficult to juggle all of the different activities and events you and your kids take part in. Our team strives to make it easy to schedule your family dental care appointments and will work with you to try to get multiple visits taken care of at the same time or close together. Our approach to your care will also consider important factors like lifestyle habits, dietary issues, family dental histories, and predispositions to certain conditions.

San Diego Family Dentistry FAQs

Choosing a dental practice to take care of your loved ones' needs is a big decision. Having questions and concerns is natural, and we're committed to helping you make informed decisions about your dental care. Some of the commonly asked questions we receive from our patients include:

Is nitrous oxide sedation safe for children?

Nitrous oxide has a long history of use in pediatric dentistry, and we have extensive experience safely administering it to children at our practice. We'll always talk to you about any anxiety your child may have and are happy to discuss your options.

Regular dental cleaning focuses on removing plaque and tartar from teeth surfaces above the gum line. Deep cleanings for patients with gum disease focus on cleaning below the gum line and smoothing out tooth roots.

We recommend that children and adults visit our practice every six months for regular checkups and cleanings. Depending on the state of your oral health, we may recommend more frequent visits.

Trusted Family Dentistry in San Diego

At the practice of Terry McClanahan DDS, our goal is to be your partner in achieving and maintaining excellent oral health for your whole family. Whether we are monitoring a child's orthodontic needs or managing your restorative dental requirements, we dedicate ourselves to providing compassionate, attentive care. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for family dentistry in San Diego and take the first step toward a lifetime of healthy smiles.



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