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Gum disease is a common issue that many of our adult and senior patients face. At the practice of Terry McClanahan DDS, we are deeply familiar with the impact gum health can have on oral and overall well-being. Our dedicated team is equipped to provide comprehensive treatment for many of the stages of gum disease, employing proven techniques to effectively manage symptoms.

Whether you are experiencing the early symptoms of gingivitis or are dealing with more advanced issues, our team of dentists and skilled hygienists offer personalized and effective treatment options. Contact us today to schedule your San Diego gum disease treatment and get the help you need to protect and promote your oral health.


What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, involves inflammation and infection of the gum tissue supporting your teeth. Addressing these issues early is crucial because if gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to severe complications, including tooth loss and damage to the jawbone, along with contributing to systemic health issues. We always look for signs of gum disease during routine checkups. However, if you notice symptoms developing for the first time or experience worsening of your existing symptoms between visits, it's important to contact us.

The Importance of Detecting Periodontal Disease Early

The earlier gum disease is detected and dealt with, the easier it is to treat. The earliest stage of gum disease, also called gingivitis, can be reversed with proper care and maintenance, while more advanced stages, such as periodontitis, cannot be cured. Treatment of these later stages focuses on minimizing symptoms and maintaining optimal oral health.

Attending your routine dental health visits at our office and performing effective at-home oral hygiene is often enough to avoid more advanced stages. However, certain factors, such as smoking, poor diet, obesity, and various medications, can make you more susceptible to gum disease.

Some of the most common symptoms of gum disease to look out for include:

  • Swollen or puffy gums
  • Reddening or darkening of gum tissue
  • Tenderness or sensitivity
  • Gums that bleed easily when flossing or brushing teeth
  • Persistent bad breath

Our Approach to Treating Gum Disease in San Diego

We know gum disease can be a sensitive issue. That's why our team emphasizes skilled care that remains empathetic. We work hard to understand your unique oral health situation before creating a personalized treatment plan. Our gum disease treatment process begins with a comprehensive examination to assess the extent of the issues you face. Based on our findings, your treatment plan may include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing: Our skilled dental hygienists perform this deep-cleaning procedure to remove tartar and bacteria from beneath the gumline and smooth the roots of your teeth. This process can help stimulate gums, helping them reattach to the teeth and reducing the risk of future bacterial infections.
  • Maintenance Cleanings: After your initial deep cleaning, we may recommend more frequent cleanings to monitor and maintain your gum health, depending on your stage of gum disease. These sessions are also an opportunity to adjust your care plan as needed.
  • Antibiotic Treatments: We may use antibiotics in the course of your periodontal disease treatments either as a stand-alone option or in combination with other procedures. The use of antibiotics is tailored to individual needs based on the severity and persistence of your gum infection.

Gum Disease Treatment FAQs

If you suspect you may be suffering from gum disease at any stage, it's normal to have questions. Our team commits to helping you understand our approach to your care and will give you the knowledge you need to help manage your gum disease at home. Some of the commonly asked questions we receive from patients include:

How often will I need to come in for treatment if I have gum disease?

The frequency of your treatments will vary depending on the severity of your gum disease. However, patients with more advanced gum disease can often expect to need to come in for treatments every three to four months.

While everyone's oral health is unique, eating a healthy diet full of vitamins and other essential nutrients may help reduce the risk of developing gum disease. Studies have shown that low-sugar, high-fiber diets have been positively linked with maintaining healthy gums.

Gingivitis can return after treatment. However, maintaining good oral hygiene and attending your routine checkups can greatly reduce the risk of it returning.

Your San Diego Gum Disease Treatment Team

At the practice of Terry McClanahan DDS, we have the skill and experience necessary to provide excellent gum disease treatments. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our patients and providing the care needed to maintain a healthy and confident smile. Whether you want to manage existing periodontal issues or aim to prevent future problems, our team is here to support you at every step. Contact us today to learn how our San Diego gum disease treatments can benefit your smile.


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